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The Buddy Walk has become such a special event for our family. It is an opportunity to not only celebrate Ryan and other individuals with Down syndrome, but for us it is a time to celebrate the many people who make a difference in Ryan’s life and are walking this journey with us.

This year is The Year of the FRIEND. As I reflect on this theme, I cannot help but think of the many ways that our friends have made a huge impact on us since Ryan joined our family.

Here are a few highlights from the last three years…

  • It was a lifelong friend who was the first to show up at the hospital after we learned that Ryan may have Down syndrome. During a moment when it felt like everything was falling apart, that was the exact reminder that we needed that everything was going to be OK. Our life was going to change in ways we could have never imaged, but we had (and continue to have) the most incredible support system.
  • It was when we text some of the other young families in our neighborhood that Ryan had Down syndrome, and our first response was “We can’t wait for all of the kids to grow up together”.
  • It is the notes that I get from Ryan’s teacher about how he is making new friends and learning from them.
  • It is the time that his Sunday School teachers (and friends of ours) stopped us to ask about some of the signs that he used that day because they wanted to be able to communicate with him more.
  • And it is the many new friends that we have made through the Down syndrome community that just get it, that are on this journey with us, that we can learn from and lean on and celebrate with.

We are truly blessed to have an army of friends that love on us as a family and that join us in celebrating who Ryan is!

Here is how you can celebrate with us:

  • Walk with us!  Click the JOIN OUR TEAM button above to register.  It's free to join!
  • Can't make it to the Buddy Walk this year but would like to donate to our Team?  It's easy, click the SUPPORT US button above and make a donation safely and securely online OR you can mail in a check to the DSAGC at 4623 Wesley Avenue, Suite A, Cincinnati, OH 45212.  Be sure to include our Team Name in the memo of the check.

You can help us make a valuable difference in the community and support individuals with Down syndrome and their families!


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