Reserve a parking spot before the walk.  There are many lots surrounding Sawyer Point, however SpotHero offers additional locations for those that want to eliminate the stress of finding a parking spot.  Parking costs range between $5 and $20 around SP, but you can reserve a spot ahead of time with SpotHero and they will give back 30% of net revenue collected to the DSAGC.  

Click here for T-shirt distribution schedule.

Looking for a place to meet up with your team?  We scatter solid color big balloons throughout Sawyer Point and Yeatman's Cove.  Sure, you can choose other landmarks throughout the park, but we've added some balloons as an option too.  Click the blue balloon and check out the colors and their placement.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] or call Kerin at 513.761.5400.






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