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Under this navigation you will find a few pages that will help the "online" fundraiser as well as the traditional "offline" fundraiser.  Check out the documents in the drop down underneath the BW Resources heading.   

→An online fundraiser is someone who raises money through electronic means, peer to peer, but through the internet. This is enhanced by making use of the templates in place throughout your very own fundraising portal.  Don't let that confuse or scare you.  To learn more about how to make the most of your online fundraising experience, click the HELP WITH YOUR FUNDRAISING link.  It will show you every piece of your portal and how to use it.

→If you are the traditional "offline" fundraiser, you generate your donations without the use of or in addition to the internet.  Maybe you pass a pledge form around your office and collect donations, or you host a car wash with your school and collect donations.  Either way, you are helping to raise awareness for our friends with Down syndrome and the work of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati. Students like using pledge forms to help with their collection of donations.  If you'd like a pledge form, email